Thursday, February 24, 2022

n a Nation-State Cyberattack Hit Your Business?

Can a Nation-State Cyberattack Hit Your Business?

Nation-state cybercrime isn’t just a problem for government agencies and the military anymore. Threat actors have been branching out to hit companies in industries that have never been in the crosshairs before in a variety of industries, serving notice that every business is at risk of trouble.  

An estimated 90% of nation-state cybercrime groups regularly attack organizations outside of the government or critical infrastructure sectors. Sometimes they’re looking for information or back doors into high-profile targets that those organizations might serve or do business with. Sometimes they just want to make money. But they’re always out to cause problems for businesses caught up in the tide. 

Nation-state threat actors use a common technique to hit their targets: phishing. Reducing your phishing risk is a great way to reduce your company’s risk from that source. That’s why it’s essential to your company’s success that you conduct regular phishing resistance training using a comprehensive solution like BullPhish ID. Arm your employees with knowledge to reduce the chance that they’ll be tricked by the bad guys.  

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