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4 Common Myths Involving Data Security

4 Common Myths Involving Data Security


Keeping your data secure is always a full-time job for businesses. Staying proactive against data breaches is essential to IT security due to the wide range of cyber threats. Unfortunately, a few simple mistakes can lead to devastating losses and ruin the reputation of your company. Learning tips on how to protect your data is key to avoiding common errors that can result in severe consequences.


Here are the four most common myths involving data security. 


1) Meeting Industry Regulations is Enough

Staying in compliance with the different regulations in your industry is a necessity for data security. A lack of compliance can often lead to substantial fines. Unfortunately, many companies feel that meeting these standards is enough for cybersecurity. However, many of these guidelines only meet the bare minimum for IT security, as it's critical for your business to put in additional safeguards to limit the chance of a data breach. Continuing to look at ways to secure your data is necessary due to the ever-changing nature of cyber attacks.


2) Cybercriminals Only Attack Large Businesses

One of the biggest myths about data security is that cybercriminals only focus on large corporations. However, a small to mid-size business is often more likely to be a target due to a lack of robust IT security measures compared to large companies. Investing in cybersecurity protection is a necessity in keeping your information safe. Working with managed IT services is especially beneficial for small businesses that don't have the budget to operate an in-house IT department.


3) IT Department is Solely Responsible for Security

Another common myth involving data security is that it's the sole responsibility of your IT team. While IT workers play a vital role in data security, they can't always protect your business against cybersecurity incidents. Educating and training your in-house employees on how to avoid making common data security mistakes is essential. An IT service provider can offer frequent training sessions for your employees to help them stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity tips.


4) Cybersecurity Only Involves External Threats

Sometimes a data breach can happen due to an insider threat. A disgruntled employee may leak confidential data to a competitor or even sell this data on the dark web. One way to limit the chance of this happening is to use a monitoring system to identify any suspicious actions. A managed service provider can use these tools to monitor your data around the clock to help prevent any potential issues before they result in a much bigger incident.


Closing Thoughts

Data security will remain a top concern in the workplace. Cybercriminals are always developing innovative ways to target confidential information, as partnering with an IT service provider is a great investment for small businesses. Educating your team about the dangers of data breaches is also a key aspect to staying proactive against these dangers. IT security measures will only continue to evolve, as learning how to avoid these common data security myths is essential for companies of any size.


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