Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Remote Work Raises Ransomware Risks & Fears

Your employees feel more vulnerable to cyberattacks when working remotely – and they’re right. But you can put the brakes on many threats quickly and easily without breaking the bank in just one step, and it’s practically painless: institute regular security awareness and phishing resistance training with the NEW BullPhish ID.

One cyberattack that employees are especially concerned about spotting is ransomware. About 48% of the employees in a recent survey named ransomware and similar malware as their biggest cybersecurity concern. That’s a valid concern because ransomware attacks ramped up by more than 300% in 2020. 

Almost half of all damaging cyberattacks were ransomware attacks in 2020 with the total financial damage from ransomware operations clocking in at over $1 billion. That trend looks to continue into 2021 as a tight economy spurs cybercriminals into new territory looking for fresh profit centers.

Continuing stress from the global pandemic means that many employees will be working remotely well into the future. Unfortunately, many employees don’t feel safe from cyberattacks when they’re working from home – about 30% of workers do not feel confident about cybersecurity when working from home. Almost 60% of those workers cited a lack of security awareness training as a root cause of that lack of confidence.

Fortunately, we have a solution that can bolster your staff’s cybersecurity awareness: BullPhish ID. We’ve just added exciting new features like individual training portals for employees and simplified reporting, making the training process painless for everyone involved. Don’t forget, regular security awareness training can reduce your chance of falling prey to a cyberattack by up to 70%.

Don’t wait for a better time (or for everyone to be back in the office) to start your security awareness training for 2021. BullPhish ID is an affordable, remote-friendly solution that fits every business. Give your employees the kind of training that leaves them confident that they’re ready to help fight back against cybercrime anytime, anywhere.

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