Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Protect Against the Number One Cause of a Data Breach – Human Error

CISOs around the world agree – human error is the most dangerous threat that any cybersecurity plan can face. In a recent study, 55% of survey respondents noted that human error and lack of cybersecurity awareness is their top concern. Even though they were concerned, 44% of the survey respondents stated they did not know how to discover who should be counted among the most at-risk employees for a major mistake.

So how can an organization add protection that helps guard against damage done by employee cybersecurity mistakes if it doesn’t know who might be in line to make those mistakes? By adding a strong guardian that protects your systems and data from all sorts of cybersecurity disasters that’s both effective and cost-effective.

Using a secure identity and access management solution like Passly to guard your access points is the fastest way to stop many of today’s worst threats without breaking the bank. It’s a crucial mitigation for today’s flexible workforce, enhancing security no matter where your staff is working from. That’s why more than 40% of CISOs chose secure identity and access management as their top cybersecurity priority in 2021.

should you diclose a data breach represented by the words "hacking detected" in red on a blue and white touchscreen

The biggest shield that you gain against cybercrime with Passly is multifactor authentication. This single mitigation on its own can stop more than 90% of password-based cybercrime. That includes the majority of attacks based on credential compromise, the damage from password theft by phishing, the dangers of reused passwords and many other common human error driven catastrophes. Multifactor authentication is an absolute must-have for every business. 

Every employee makes errors. Security awareness training and building a strong cybersecurity culture are important to reducing the incidence of mistakes, but you’ll never stop them all. By taking the proper precautions against damage caused by human error, you can keep your systems and data safe even when staffers aren’t on their toes.

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