Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Ransomware Risks Highest for Remote Workers

Ransomware Risks Highest for Remote Workers  

The global pandemic has changed the way that we work, and that’s been good news for cybercriminals. Remote workers are a juicy target for ransomware attacks since they’re more likely to be drawn in by common lures and less likely to be up to date on current phishing scams. So how can you protect your business from ransomware while your staffers are still working remotely?

While we wish there was a magic bullet, the closest we’ve come is a magical solution: phishing resistance and security awareness training. Companies that engage in regular security awareness training that includes information about the latest phishing threats have up to 70% fewer cybersecurity incidents.

The biggest cybersecurity threat of 2020 is phishing, and ransomware almost always arrives on your doorstep paired up with a phishing email. More than 65% of ransomware is delivered through phishing, which has boomed during the global pandemic – Google reports that it’s measured phishing email as up by more than 600% in 2020.

Regular, easy-to-understand phishing training is essential for protecting your business from dangers like spear phishing attacks designed to deliver ransomware. BullPhish ID delivers just what you need with plug-and-play phishing simulation kits to test your staff and engaging video lessons to demonstrate today’s phishing lures, including COVID-19 bait.

Protect your business from phishing-based cybersecurity disasters with simple, sensible tools like security awareness and phishing resistance training using BullPhish ID to transform your staff from cybercriminal targets to defensive assets fast at a price you’ll love.

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