Thursday, November 12, 2020

Dark Web Data Powers Impersonation & Business Email Compromise Scams

Dark Web Data Powers Impersonation & Business Email Compromise Scams 

Dark Web danger doesn’t just come to your company’s doorstep from compromised passwords – it also comes from data dumps full of email addresses, employee information, website user logs, supplier records, medical data, and more that can provide cybercriminals with exactly what they need to lure your staffers into a nasty (and expensive) trap. 

Every kind of data about your employees that you can think of is available on the Dark Web – sometimes for free. As the 2020 US elections race to the finish, voting registration data and records from special interest groups have fueled extremely dangerous spear phishing attacks including impersonation scams. 

General business email compromise attempts are landing in employee inboxes every day too. A recent survey reported that over 30% of respondents reported receiving one every day. Running the gamut of impersonations including scary vendor notices, fake unpaid invoices, spoofed supplier communications, and even fake emails from colleagues, cybercriminals are pulling out all the stops to trick your staffers into falling into a business email compromise scam.

a red envelope on a computer screen representing phsihing like ransomware threats up 33% in 2020

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The most efficient and effective way to put the brakes on business email compromise risks is to mitigate the foundation that they’re built on: phishing email. With a more than 600% increase in phishing attacks clocked in 2020, making sure that your staff is ready to defend against phishing attacks is crucial to protecting your business from cybercrime like business email compromise.

BullPhish ID can help with that. Regular security awareness training including phishing awareness can reduce your company’s risk of falling prey to a cyberattack by up to 70%. The key is regularity though – research shows that employees only retain security awareness training for about 4 months unless it’s regularly refreshed.

That’s not a problem with BullPhish ID. Featuring a huge library of more than 80 plug-and-play phishing simulation campaign kits in 8 languages, we also add 4 new kits every month to make sure that your staffers are getting the training that they need to be on guard against the latest threats.

Regular training doesn’t mean expensive either – BullPhish ID is affordable and effective. Improved cybersecurity awareness and phishing resistance training isn’t something that can wait. Protect your systems and data from impersonation and business email compromise scams now to avoid a mess tomorrow.  Contact us today for a live demo of BullPhish ID to see how it can secure your customers and grow your business.

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