Monday, February 24, 2020

Phishing Tops UK Cyber Threat Landscape

Today’s companies face a litany of cybersecurity threats, but, according to the results of a new study, none are more prevalent than phishing attacks. The study, which surveyed UK ICO reports, found that there were 1,080 phishing-related beaches in 2019, a significant increase from 877 the year before. In total, phishing attacks caused 45% of all data breaches. While other notable causes like unauthorized access, ransomware, and brute force password attacks run rampant, none are even close to as prominent as phishing attacks. 

This trend reflects cybercriminals’ desire to target employees and individuals who may not be prepared to identify and respond to the innocent-looking messages that frequently arrive in their inboxes. In response, companies can focus their defense initiatives to combat this trend. Employee awareness training is a proven way for companies to transform their employees from a potent risk to a proven line of defense against cybercrime.

To get help implementing comprehensive employee awareness training, contact ID Agent to learn more about how our simulated phishing attacks can equip your employees to respond to this prominent threat. 

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