Thursday, March 28, 2019

In Other News:

In Other News:
How American companies can benefit from a global perspective
There’s a reason why we cover breaches from countries around the globe. Over the last few years, cybercrime has exploded into an international phenomenon, leaving no continent unturned. By examining how the cybersecurity measures of other countries, the US can borrow pages from their playbooks and predict the future. Here are a few thought starters inspired by China, India, Brazil, and the UK:

1. Improve authentication
Internal control measures are becoming a topic of discussion, given the climate of employee-related data scandals in recent years. By building in reporting systems that have fail-safes and multi-factor authentication, companies can stop fraud in its tracks.
2. ID proofing
Establishing added trust in a credential such as a mobile ID can go a long way in protecting consumers from identity theft. By authenticating devices and users and understanding common fraud patterns, companies can take their security to the next level.
3. Validation certificates
Image-based phishing is growing increasingly sophisticated and effective against consumers, and it’s up to businesses to help them navigate safely. By implementing secure browser certificates, users can feel reassured that they are logging into a trusted source while distinguishing your brand from the fraudsters.

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