Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Are you ready for Voice over IP phones?

In just the last few years VOIP phone have made their way from cutting edge to main stream..  Do you know what it takes for a successful implementation?

Here are some things that you should look for:

- What type of internet connection do you have? If you are still on and old connection, it won't turn out well.. Look at cable or fiber connections. Now 50 meg circuits are rather common.

- Evaluate your internet usage, if you have high data usage, consider a 2nd circuit for the voice system.

- Check your hardware infrastructure. Are you on old switching hardware? If so look at upgrading to a gigabit switch, it will help managed the throughput.  Consider what your firewall is capable of! The Firewall needs to be able to give priority to the voice traffic. Often referred to as QOS (Quality of service)  The hardware, especially the firewall is the most often overlooked key piece of the system.

- Picking a good service is key, do you want a managed cloud service? Or do you want to purchase a premise based voip system? The cloud service required better internet, while the premise system is still reliant and depended on local phone lines, and or hardware.  The cloud system will often have greater redundancy and fault tolerance this equal less down time.

Evaluate your needs..

- How many users?
- How many groups? What are they?
- Do you have any remote extensions?
- Do you need a auto Attendant or will an operator answer the phones?
- Do you have remote extensions? Cell phones, Home office, remote workers?
- Map your current call flow. What happens when a call comes in.

Bit by Bit offers consulting services that can help you evaluate what you need for a successful implementation.

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