Saturday, November 13, 2021

Are You Ready to Face Fresh Ransomware Threats?

Ransomware incidents are regular newsmakers. But it’s not just the big dogs who are facing increased cyberattack danger from ransomware threats. Did you know that 50% of ransomware attacks last year were actually aimed at small and medium businesses?

We’ve all read and heard about the enormous sums that cybercriminals are asking for as ransoms in their various extortion schemes. But ransomware attacks are incredibly expensive without even considering the ransom. Companies impacted by ransomware lose an average of six working days, and an estimated 37% of companies experienced downtime that lasted one week or more. 

No business can afford to shutter for a week. But many small and medium businesses are facing tough budget decisions this year, putting the squeeze on every department, including IT, and that can make it hard to shake out the cash to invest in new solutions. You need to find the right solutions, the kind that offers you strong protection against ransomware and a great value.

That’s not as hard as you may think. Protecting your business from ransomware threats starts with protecting your business from phishing attacks. Security awareness training that includes phishing resistance using a solution like BullPhish ID will help your business build cyber resilience, enabling it to resist more cyberattacks and keep on moving in adverse conditions.

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