Tuesday, September 7, 2021

A Strong Security Culture is Your Secret Weapon

A Strong Security Culture is Your Secret Weapon 

In a volatile risk landscape, businesses are looking for new ways to improve their security and avoid becoming victims of cybercrime like 2 in 5 SMBs did in 2020. But as businesses continue to grapple with the challenges of the continuing pandemic, and no one has the time or the budget to vet and purchase a bunch of new solutions.

Good news – you don’t really need to. One resource that you already have at your disposal is a more powerful defense against cybercrime than any software you can buy: your employees. By building and maintaining a strong security culture you can harness and direct the power of this asset, putting it to work to bolster your company’s security.

Making cybersecurity a priority starts with security-forward leadership at the top. If security is a priority for the boss, employees will make it a priority too. Establishing clear policies and procedures around cyber security that are enforced for everyone helps that focus carry weight for employees, and that makes them more likely to encourage compliance among their peers.

It’s also essential that everyone know that there is no penalty for reporting security concerns or mistakes to anyone. A third of employees in an IBM survey say they don’t report incidents for fear of getting in trouble, losing their jobs, being ridiculed or being forced to take security awareness training (which should never be used as a punishment). Every IT team would rather deal with a problem right away, before it becomes a nightmare, so making it easy for employees to report problems is just good business.

Provide your employees with support that they need to help out, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result, Rely on a robust security awareness training program using a solution like BullPhish ID to teaches them about phishing and a host of other of cyber threats like ransomware and credential compromise. Empowered employees will feel like they’re part of the security team too, and that gets everyone on the same page to defend your business from cybercrime.

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