Friday, June 25, 2021

One Little Email Carries Big Risks

One Little Email Carries Big Risks

The biggest danger to your company’s cybersecurity isn’t someone hacking into your systems. It’s one phishing email. Phishing is the primary delivery system for all of today’s nastiest cyberattacks, from ransomware to business email compromise, and every organization is at risk for falling victim to an attack. In a record-breaking year for cybercrime, phishing risk ballooned by more than 600% in Q2 2020 and stayed elevated for the rest of the year.

What facilitates more phishing? More email. As businesses went remote last year (and many remain hybrid this year) an enormous increase in email volume led the way for equally enormous increases in every type of phishing attack. Cybercriminals did not hesitate to capitalize on that opportunity. Industry reporting notes that business email compromise attacks were up by 14%, while cloud-based attacks shot up by more than 40%. Experts estimate that one out of every 99 messages a business receives contains a phishing attack. 

Reduce your company’s risk of phishing disaster through security awareness and phishing resistance training with BullPhish ID. Results come quickly. Companies \that run phishing simulators for the first time learn that 40% to 60% of their employees are likely to open malicious links or attachments. But after about 6 months of training, that percentage drops 20% to 25% and after 3 to 6 months more training, that number can drop to only 10% to 18%. 

An estimated  97% of employees in a wide array of industries are unable to recognize a sophisticated phishing email. With phishing as the primary threat vector for most damaging cyberattacks, that’s bad new for businesses. Reduce your chance of getting caught by phishing by keeping your employees’ phishing resistance training up to date, because phishing attacks are definitely coming your way, with potentially devastating consequences.

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