Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Mitigating Supply Chain & Third-Party Risk Doesn’t Have to Be an Expensive Proposition

Lock Cybercriminals Out Fast

Secure identity and access management with Passly is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to third-party and supply chain risk. Multifactor authentication (MFA) alone tops 99% of password-related cybercrime. Passly packs MFA into a neat package with all of the best tools to control access and permissions like sign-on (SSO), secure shared password vaults. Now it even eliminates a huge headache for IT teams with automated password resets. Get a huge amount of security for a very small price! LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW PASSLY FIGHTS CYBERCRIME>>

Do Your Homework

Study up on how third-party and supply chain risk has evolved through the pandemic to have an outsized impact on cybersecurity in 2021. In our new eBook Breaking Up with Third Party and Supply Chain Risk, we’ll take you on a journey into the heart of this threat and how it can impact every business – plus we’ll give you strategies and solutions that can be put into place quickly and affordable to secure systems and data.

Bit by bit helps client networks run smooth and secure.. visit our website at 877.860.5831

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