Thursday, June 18, 2020

Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report Narrows Down the Threat Landscape


Cybersecurity is a known threat that can be hard for non-tech folks to understand and can be seen as too broad to truly prioritize. Giving solid, actionable information about the nature and frequency of today’s threats is helpful when illustrating why cybersecurity matters. Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report shows that threats continue to grow and lays out a few facts that make it easier to quantify the importance of strong security, especially when supporting a remote workforce
More than two-thirds of all data breaches are attributable to just three factors: credential theft, social engineering attacks like phishing scams, and human error.  
Insider threats are a constant problem in the breach landscape, and that hasn’t changed.  While we usually think of threats as coming from outside an organization, malicious insider threats are incredibly devastating and need to be a major concern. 
The listed attack methodologies comprise the most likely vulnerabilities, allowing businesses to respond with more pinpoint precision. Cybersecurity tools are becoming more effective at blocking common malware strains, with human error overtaking malware this time. Some of it still gets through,  though especially as part of a phishing attack. 
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The threat of phishing attacks has never been higher, making updated training and testing essential. Although technology has become more successful at filtering phishing scams, many continue to make their way to employees’ inboxes, which is why the report called for businesses to implement security awareness training programs to combat these attacks.  BullPhish ID contains phishing training materials in 8 languages including COVID-19 phishing kits.
While today’s threat landscape is ominous and expansive, Verizon’s latest report makes it clear that businesses can make significant improvements to their defensive posture by prioritizing the most prescient risks in a comprehensive digital risk protection strategy.  

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