Monday, April 6, 2020

Canadian Healthcare System Inundated by Cyberattacks


The stress created by an emergency like the Coronavirus pandemic is a golden opportunity for hackers. As the Canadian healthcare system grapples with surging treatment demands related to COVID-19, their IT systems are also grappling with a significant uptick in cyberattacks from bad actors trying to steal data and breach systems at healthcare organizations in a critical time.   
The threat is so severe that some organizations have called on the government to enact national cybersecurity standards and provide emergency funding to help defend patient data. We’ve reported on several Canadian health institutions impacted by data breaches this year, and in 2019, nearly half of all Canadian data breaches were healthcare-related. 
According to several officials, many Canadian healthcare providers are midway through their cybersecurity upgrade roadmaps. Their slow progress means that many of their defenses are outdated and inadequate to meet today’s quickly evolving threats to data and systems. 
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