Wednesday, January 8, 2020

60% of Digital Businesses Will Suffer Service Interruption by 2020

For many businesses, an online presence is a vital part of their competitive strategy. Unfortunately, it’s also creating their most prescient vulnerability. According to a recent study by Gartner, by next year, more than half of all digital businesses will incur one or more cyber threats that will significantly disrupt their business. 

The report notes that cybercriminals are aware of the increasingly critical and valuable data sets that companies are bringing online, and they are targeting that information to turn a profit. It also found that products for perpetuating cybercrime such as pre-packaged ransomware and phishing capabilities, have never been more prevalent, with an underground marketplace fueled by the Dark Web. 

In response, companies with a digital agenda have a responsibility to audit their defensive posture, ensuring that they are prepared to meet the moment by identifying and addressing the latest cyber trends. Notably, most cyber threats can be addressed in-house by ensuring that employees are able to identify risks and implement best practices, like strong unique passwords, and two-factor authentication across all their accounts.

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