Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Google Estimates 1.5% of All Internet Passwords Vulnerable to Spearphishing

Sometimes cybercriminals get too much credit for their ability to infiltrate businesses’ IT infrastructure. In many cases, employees’ bad password practices actually cause the vulnerability, a reality that was confirmed in a Google study released this week. 

In the report, Google estimates that 1.5% of all logins used on the internet are a vulnerability to credential stuffing attacks because they were disclosed in previous data breaches. What’s more, even when companies or employees were notified of this vulnerability, only 26% of people changed their passwords to secure their accounts. 

However, there is one silver lining. For those who did update their information, 94% created a password that was as strong or stronger than the original password. Ultimately, it’s a reminder that many security vulnerabilities are fixable, and partnering with qualified cybersecurity experts can help you identify these vulnerabilities before they create a catastrophe. 


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