Monday, August 26, 2019

800,000 Computers Still Vulnerable to BlueKeep

Despite the well-publicized threat that the BlueKeep vulnerability poses to individuals and enterprises, more than 800,000 systems are still not protected from the threat. 

BlueKeep is a backdoor that allows hackers to access networks where they can directly deliver malware. The flaw can cause significant damage, and neutralizing the threat is surprising easy. A simple software update, which Microsoft issued in May, nullifies the vulnerability, but according to data compiled by a New Internet scan, less than 20% of eligible systems were updated in the past month. 

With cyber threats coming from all directions, fixing security vulnerabilities through software updates is an easy way to prevent obvious threats from wreaking havoc on your company's IT infrastructure. Partnering with security specialists can help organizations identify vulnerabilities, fortifying their defenses before a data breach occurs.

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