Monday, July 1, 2019

Unpatched Vulnerabilities Are a Top Threat

Unpatched Vulnerabilities Are a Top Threat 

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is incredibly daunting, and IT administrators have a tough job on their hands. One of their most significant tasks, according to a recent study, is patching security vulnerabilities and getting their employees to update their software. 

Different organizations take unique approaches to this problem, including scanning for vulnerabilities, running simulations, and collaborating with MSPs to identify and solve for possible pain points, but the challenge is ubiquitous throughout all sectors and among companies of all sizes. 

Taken together, more than 1/4 of organizations endured a data breach because of an unpatched vulnerability, highlighting their need for technical support in this area. 

To put it simply, it’s challenging enough to account for the multifaceted cybersecurity challenges facing organizations every day; don’t let solved problems be the reason for failure. Get the support you need from trusted MSPs to ensure that your defensive posture is as strong as possible

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