Friday, June 7, 2019

Australia Sees a Spike in Credential Stuffing Attacks

Australia Sees a Spike in Credential Stuffing Attacks 
If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the deluge of data stolen during a cybersecurity breach, Australia’s sudden spike in credential stuffing attacks will certainly provide some clarity. 

According to a recent cybersecurity report, Australians are now the fifth highest target for credential stuffing attacks, an incredible metric given their modest population. 

This form of cybercrime involves hackers using previously stolen information like usernames, email addresses, or passwords in an attempt to gain access on other platforms. Since people often use the same username and password combinations, it’s often possible to apply stolen credentials across multiple accounts. 

The report found a robust market for stolen credentials that are often sold in bulk on the Dark Web. Businesses are encouraged to deploy the latest security standards, like two-factor authentication, to help prevent these attacks. Moreover, it underscores the cascading consequences of a data breach, and it highlights the importance of keeping a pulse on customer and employee information. Hint: that’s our bread and butter. Ask your MSP how you can partner with ID Agent and engage Dark Web monitoring services like ours.

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