Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How Cybersecurity Misconceptions are Leaving Customers Vulnerable

How Cybersecurity Misconceptions are Leaving Customers VulnerableAccording to a recent survey among 2,034 US consumers, public misperceptions are making customers more vulnerable to breach. Almost 90% believe that cybersecurity risks are increasing, with 41% who know someone that has been a victim and 25% being personally impacted.
However, just over half are taking critical measures such as using two-factor authentication or changing their settings across browsers, social media, or email. Additionally, most have not recognized the vulnerabilities involved in smart home devices or mobile device security.
There is also a lack of alignment in terms of which breaches are the most common and severe, with 97.4% being aware of viruses, even though phishing and identity theft are the first and second most damaging threats to consumers. In order to prepare for future breaches to come, consumers must educate themselves on the new landscape of cybersecurity and take recommended actions to protect themselves.

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