Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Educational Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is the month for cybersecurity awareness, and the perfect time to educate your employees on steps they can take to protect your network. From password protection measures to becoming aware of common phishing tactics, awareness is a vital step in protecting your business from cybercrime. Here are some tips you can share with your employees today!

Email Security:
- Never use personal email accounts for company business, nor business credentials for personal logins.
- Use two-factor authentication whenever possible.
- Use unique passwords for all email accounts.
- Maintain suspicions when opening attachments in emails. When in doubt, place a quick call to verify the validity of an email.

Password Security:
- Use complex passwords (not your dog’s name with a number at the end!)
- Consider a password manager.
- Always monitor the Dark Web for stolen credentials.

File Sharing and USB Drives:
- Use application-level encryption to protect the information in your files.
- Monitor your network for unapproved file sharing programs.
- Use file naming that doesn’t disclose the type of information being shared.
- Free file sharing methods do not provide the legal protection to help secure sensitive information.
- Scan USBs for external viruses and malware.
- Disable auto run.
- Encrypt USB drives.
- Keep personal and business USB drives separate.

Mobile Protection:
- Update mobile software regularly.
- Download apps from trusted sources and read reviews to check the validity of apps.
- Always use passcodes or fingerprint recognition when available.
- Turn off discovery mode.
- Activate “find device” and “remote wipe.”

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