Thursday, December 7, 2017

How Managed Security Services Can Help Protect Your Business

As cyber attacks continue to rise worldwide and become more brazen in their scope, there are few industries left that can claim to not have been subject to some sort of security breach. Many companies continue to put their faith in security software suites that have continuously shown to be compromised or ineffective in preventing cyber attacks, leading to travesties such as what was recently seen in the Equifax breach. If your company is in this same boat and you are worried about the security of your data, you may want to consider a Managed Security Service as a method of protecting your network.

What are Managed Security Services (MSS) 

Managed security services (MSS) is an approach to security that creates a security system tailored to the individual needs of the company, as different organizations can have drastically different security requirements. While this is sometimes done in-house with employees that the organization has hired, it is more common to outsource this function to companies that are dedicated to MSS. In either case, his security element oversees all security functions including constant monitoring and diagnostics of intrusion detection systems and firewalls.

What Does an MSS Do For Its Client Company?

Perhaps the most important function of MSS is ensuring that all software on all systems is fully updated and patched, as this failure to update is what directly lead to the Equifax breach. Security professionals working for the MSS are responsible for the integrity of the network and in addition to upgrading software and equipment to the highest standards they also perform security audits and respond to any emergencies or anomalies that are detected on the network. This gives users of the network and the network administrators the considerable freedom to focus on their individual jobs rather than worrying about network security.

Managed Security Services Layered Security Model

An MSS as a dedicated security element has the ability to bring a much more complex security methodology to a company's security posture. This is often called the layered security model and does not rely on any one method of security to be impenetrable. In fact, the best quality of managed security services is their realization that statistically speaking some sort of security breach is virtually inevitable and that multiple systems need to be in place as contingencies for when this failure in security is realized. The four layers of security are:

Each security layer buttresses the others as a cycle to prevent any potential intruders into the network with a hard target that may not be worth their time or the danger of discovery.

Is a Managed Security Service Right For You?

The consequences of a data breach can go far beyond the immediate consequences of an initial breach to erode client and employee confidence in you and lead to a permanently compromised relationship with the people who your company depends on the most. If you handle any sort of sensitive data, ranging from the personal information of employees or proprietary data that is subject to theft, considering a managed security service may be the right move for your company.

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