Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How Can a Managed IT Network Provider Benefit My Business?

As your business grows you may find that you are having difficulty keeping in step with that growth in the area of networking and communications. Whether you are currently a small business or a more well-established company you may find yourself feeling the pinch and constantly investing to build your network assets. A managed IT network provider is the logical next step for businesses that have outgrown the capabilities of their in-house IT department.

What is a Network Maintenance Plan?

A network maintenance plan is a contract that outlines the services that the provider assumes responsibility for. By signing a managed services contract, you get the services that you need without the HR headaches that you can do without. Instead, the managed IT network provider provides all services for a monthly fee, which often is much less than you would have to pay to maintain and staff your own network.  

What does it mean to set up Network Support Services?

The main aim of signing in with a managed network is to improve the overall functionality of your business and free up resources that you had been investing in your own network. Ideally, this should not only be a seamless transition but also improve your overall network performance by allowing the managed network to worry about the engineering and maintenance of the network to include troubleshooting problems, debugging, and upgrading the network when new software and hardware solutions become available.

How would a Managed Network Provider benefit my business? 

Managed network providers aren't just for tech companies, but can benefit a wide variety of businesses including manufacturing, retail, and financial services. Any business that relies on computers, networks, or data can benefit from managed services.

You may need a managed IT network provider if:
   You are in 24/7 operation and always need to provide service to customers
   Your principal personnel are focused on critical functions that IT distracts from
   Your business depends on remote workers or outsourced services
Is the Initial Network Installation part of the ongoing Network Maintenance plan?

The first step toward having a managed network is setting up a network maintenance plan with the provider. This plan will clearly outline what services and equipment the company will provide and what the monthly cost will be. This may include costs for initial installation of the network (routers, switches, terminals, and cabling) as well as consultation and long-term maintenance services. Often the installation fees are either waives or included as a part of the initial quote.

What services does a Managed Network Provider offer?

Once a network management plan is in place the client will not only receive services similar to what you could expect from an in-house provider but will also have those services optimized for the workload that your company expects. The Managed Network includes routers, switches, and firewalls that meet the complexity requirements of your network capacity.

Will Network Management improve the functionality of my business? 

As you begin your contract, you will begin to realize some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT network solutions. There will be less stress on your personnel and a single point of contact whenever anything goes wrong. The burden of responding to emergencies will be shifted to the provider, who has the resources to quickly and efficiently respond. You will have flexibility in determining the scalability of your network and have dedicated personnel to upgrade or downgrade the network as appropriate. The extent to which network management can improve processes within your business is in direct proportion to the challenges that you are currently facing in the IT department. 

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