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Stay secure - October news from Code42

October 2015

This Month at Code42


Protect against data leaks using the Code42 API

Did you know there is a prototype data leak/loss prevention and detection (DLP) security solution available through the Code42 API? The Code42 API Python script monitors and protects the CrashPlan archives of selected users in your Code42 environment against unauthorized or suspicious restore activity. Read this support documentation to learn the purposes, limitations and principles of the script; how to configure, install and implement the script; and how to interpret its output.




Code42 secures $85 million investment to continue expansion in endpoint data protection, security, forensics and analytics

Code42 is excited to announce that it has secured $85 million in Series B funding. "We protect the most important information for the world's largest enterprises. This funding enables us to grow even faster in endpoint backup and accelerates our efforts to build analytics and actionable intelligence on top of the historical archive of end-user data," said Joe Payne, president and CEO at Code42.

The history of the web's greediest villain: ransomware

They say history repeats itself, and there's no exception when it comes to ransomware. Becoming infected with ransomware—be it CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, CTB-Locker, TorrentLocker, or one of their many variants—can feel like the digital equivalent of getting mugged. Do you know the origins of ransomware?

Endpoint data control is critical for legal hold + eDiscovery

The right tools can make collection of custodial data faster and simpler—with no nagging questions about discovery integrity or data spoliation. Code42 endpoint data protection and security supports legal hold capabilities. In this IDC analyst report, read how enterprises can combine endpoint data protection and eDiscovery on a single platform and review the risks and challenges associated with data stored beyond the reach of IT departments, risk managers and corporate attorneys.

API cool tools: Advanced REST Client extension for Google Chrome

Code42 Systems Engineer Amir Kader shares why the Advanced REST Client extension for Google Chrome is useful, and how to use it in conjunction with the Code42 API Documentation Viewer. The Documentation Viewer outlines what is required to invoke a resource and what should be returned—but it doesn't show you real data. In this post, you will learn how to use this extension to test resources that are documented, and see the output in a readable format.

"CrashPlan gives us complete visibility into backup activities and status for all DKSH users, and has cut the number of backup and restore-related service tickets significantly."
-Sven Maushake, General Manager of Global IT Infrastructure for DKSH

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