Wednesday, September 16, 2015

News from the cloud


EDR technology, much more than just standard protection
Discover Adaptive Defense 360, the first solution that integrates EPP+EDR.
The new range of Consumer Solutions
All about the multi-device solutions of the new 2016 Consumer range.
PandaLabs Quarterly Report
The cases of ransomware continue growing – attackers are launching new campaigns targeted at thousands of users and businesses.
All about the Ashley Madison scandal
This case taught us many important lessons about cybersecurity.
There are no viruses for Mac, right?
The rootkit "Thunderstrike 2" has arrived and has swiftly refuted this claim.
Virus in the name of WhatsApp
If you receive an email informing you that you have a voice message in WhatsApp, don't open it, it's a malware!
Attention! Ransomwares hidden in CVs
It became a problem for Human Resources Departments, because some CVs can hold their computers at ransom.

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