Monday, February 23, 2015

4 Social Media Etiquettes You Must Keep in Mind at All Times

Social media platforms are a great way to voice your opinions and communicate with other people. However, like any other communication platform, there a few basic rules you should follow if you want to communicate effectively. Let's take a look at some of them.

1.       Don't fixate on other people's mistakes.
Social media platforms are frequented by professionals who are trying to build their brand and showcase their work. Since a lot of them post on social media platforms through mobile devices, they sometimes make grammatical mistakes. When you're in a hurry to post something, you are prone to making mistakes every now and then.
Don't be the person who zeroes in on every single typo or grammatical error and uses it to discredit the person who posted it. No one likes a grammar nazi. If you want to point out a mistake, approach them privately first so they have a chance to correct themselves. Being considerate is a trait that you should apply to all your social media interactions.
In addition, don't ignore the entire message because of a single spelling mistake. You might learn something useful if you set your prejudices aside.
2.       Always give credit to your sources.
It's OK to use someone else's quote on your social media profile, but make sure you mention the original creator of the content. If you want to post a photograph that doesn't belong to you, drop a line to the owner of the photo and ask them if it is OK to repost it. Image copyright issues should be taken very seriously.
3.       Refrain from adopting the mob mentality.
Bullying is very common on social media platforms. If you come across a conversation or a thread that says something negative about you or one of your friends, don't resort to ad hominem attacks immediately. Different people have different opinions, and you can disagree with someone without letting the conversation become abusive or hurtful. If someone makes a genuine point about a mistake that you made, acknowledge it and move on.
4.       Don't be an armchair activist.
If you visit the YouTube comments section, you will be shocked at the amount of hurtful and rage-filled comments that are posted on videos. Just because you are behind a computer screen, doesn't mean you can say anything to anyone. The attitude you adopt in your conversations is extremely crucial in determining how people will interact with you.
Social media platforms have also become a breeding ground for people who act like they are offended and then indulge in abusive conversations. If you are sensitive about a certain topic, it is probably better to limit your exposure to it.

Your social media profile is a mirror to your actual personality. You can waste your energy by indulging in negativity, or you can use the power of Twitter and Facebook to exchange ideas with positive individuals. If you are a business, you can use social media to build a thriving audience for your product or service. Don't forget - do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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