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Why Hosted VoIP Makes Sense for SMBs | New technology will triple the speed of wireless charging

'Why hosted VoIP makes sense for SMBs' is succinct and well stated highlighting the fact that hosted services mean that SMBs' management can run the business with one less diversion from the management demands of core business. A babyTEL centric prediction is that 2015 is the year that Voice transcription to text and voice recognition will come of age driven by the latest generation of smartphones. Find yourself in the article on how famous execs run business. After you find yourself, check if others agree with your assessment. There could be surprises. 

Enjoy this week's selection of articles. 

Steve Dorsey, CEO babyTEL

"The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them."

- Zig Ziglar
According to the RightScale 2014 State of the Cloud Survey, 94 percent of organizations surveyed are either running applications or experimenting with Infrastructure as a Service. One of the more common services that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are turning to in the cloud is voice over IP (VoIP) for their unified communications needs. Cloud-based, or hosted, VoIP services provide SMBs with benefits that help equalize the playing field against larger businesses and move them away from the antiquated technology that runs most traditional telephone services.
Wireless charging is a convenient way of topping up your device's battery, and new technology is on the way to make it even better.
At the moment it can take quite a while to fully charge batteries via a wireless charger as the technology can only run at a rate of 5 Watts.
Digitalization and the digital business are catalysts of change that are affecting the human-machine relationship and driving better customer outcomes. The top 10 predictions indicate that computer-based machines are taking a more active role in enhancing human endeavors, because the machines are more connected than ever before, they are sensing their surroundings, and they are becoming smarter. Because of this, they have an increased ability to supplement (or even supplant) human jobs and to reduce the cost of operations. All in all, the trends indicate a near-term future in which machines and humans are co-workers and, possibly, even codependents.
The top 10 Predictions are organized into three categories:
Americans sit through some 11 million meetings every day - with the unproductive ones costing companies $37 billion a year.
We've already learned that meetings fall apart thanks to sloppy agendas, un-articulated ground rules, and other structural mistakes.
So we decided to look at how some of the most effective executives in history - from GM czar Alfred Sloan to Apple prince Steve Jobs to Facebook queen Sheryl Sandberg - run the meetings that invariably fill their calendars.

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