Thursday, August 20, 2020

Week in Breach Spotlight

Email Security Training Has Never Been More Important – or Worse.

A recent report from Mimecast on the state of email security raised some interesting data points. Although most companies are aware of the risk to their organization from email-based threats, many of them are still failing at doing anything to effectively stem the tide of dangers.

One of the most disturbing statistics of note is that only 1 in 5 companies provide regular email security and phishing resistance training to their employees. Even with 57% of the companies surveying saying that they had been impacted by a ransomware attack, and a hugely publicized 600% increase in phishing attack attempts since the start of the global pandemic, companies are still failing to take security awareness training seriously.


Don’t allow your customers to make the same mistakes. Cybersecurity and phishing awareness training sounds like something that can be put off until they have more time or more money, but it isn’t – it’s crucial for maintaining their data security. Employee security awareness training, like phishing resistance training with BullPhish ID, can reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incident impacting a company by up to 70%. 

With 80% of the survey respondents agreeing that email volume is only going to increase, and that fact being borne out by current events like the Great Work From Home and distance learning pitfalls, regularly updated email security training has to be a high priority for every organization. 


BullPhish ID is ideal for remote or in-office workers. With simple remote management and fully stocked plug-and-play phishing kits available, you can easily divide workers into custom groups for training campaigns and run scenarios including mew COVID-19 threats. Simple online testing tools allow administrators to quickly see who needs more training. 

At a time when everyone’s budget is a little tight, no one can afford a disastrous data breach or ransomware incident. A little extra expenditure on security awareness and phishing resistance training now means that businesses are more likely to avoid that nasty consequence later. 

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